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The best websites to find cheap flights

More and more people prefer to fly by plane to have to spend a lot of hours driving. So much so, that it has become one of the most used means of transport throughout the year, not only for vacations but also for work, meetings, etc. Therefore, there are millions of people who every day sit in front of their computer or even from their mobile screen to compare a plane ticket. Next, we are going to show some of the best websites to find cheap plane flights online.

Currently, there is a lot of competition in this sector, therefore, deciding to buy cheap plane flights on one website or another has become much more complicated. The truth is that we always have the option of buying airline tickets through a travel agency, but this will make them not so cheap. In addition, the fact of buying them online offers us the flexibility of being able to look and buy them at any time and at any time.


Booking.com is one of the most popular sites for finding trips to all parts of the world. A site where in addition to offering all types of accommodation, it also allows us to search for flight packs plus a hotel or even plane flights separately.

Booking did not allow you to search for flights until relatively recently and redirected you to Gotogate, a specialized page. But now it does allow it and it is a good option if you have an account in the accommodation search service thanks to the fact that you will have everything in one: sleep, flights, flight and hotel, car rental or even transport to or from the airport.

The operation is very simple and you can choose one way, round trip or multiple destinations but you can also choose how many adults or in which class. Once you have it, just search for the destination and origin and choose a date. It will automatically search for you divided into three different sections depending on your priorities:

  • The best,
  • The cheapest,
  • The fastest.

You can also use a series of filters on the left side of the screen:

  • Scales yes or no,
  • Maximum duration of the trip ,
  • Departure and arrival times ,
  • Airlines you want to display.

When you have chosen all the filters you will see the results with the flight details, the total price, the airline. And just tap on "Select" to go to the flight purchase and reservation page in the same way that we do with hotels in Booking.


Gotogate, a website that offers cheap flights through hundreds of airlines around the world. From the main page, all we have to do to find our flight is to indicate the airport or city of departure, destination, date of departure and return, the number of travelers and the class in which we want to fly. As an option or additional filter, it allows us to search for round-trip flights, one-way, multi-destination and only direct flights, to avoid any type of stopover.

Once we obtain the results, we will see a complete list in which the cheapest flight, the fastest or the one with the best value for money is highlighted to help us with our decision. In addition, from there, we will be able to apply another series of filters such as price, departure times or duration of the trip, among others, to get the cheapest flights possible according to our needs.


As in the case of Booking, Rumbo is known for being a travel website, however, it has the Flights section where we can find flights at a good price to any corner of the world. The search engine is practically the same as that of most search engines, being able to indicate origin, destination, dates, number of trips, class, payment method and if the flight we are looking for is roundtrip, one-way or multi-destination.

After clicking on the Search button, we will be shown a list with the cheapest flights found by the Rumbo search engine. For each of them we will be able to see the airline, round trip flight schedule, flight time, available seats, original price and offer price and other details such as whether hand luggage is allowed, etc.

On the left side of the page, we find numerous filters that we can apply to choose the range of schedules, favorite companies to fly, stopovers, and price.


Kayak is another of the most veteran cheap flight search engines with which we can also create alerts to always be aware of the prices for flights to the desired destination. In other words, Kayak will notify us when a certain flight will drop in price and even when the search engine itself estimates that there may be a drop in rates for the chosen destination. It also has a search engine for hotels, rental cars, trains or flight plus hotel packages.

In addition to the comparator, another advantage of using Kayak is that it has a tool to check the status of your flight just by entering the flight number or departure airport and the name of the airline.

The Kayak search engine allows us to filter by origin, destination, dates and number of passengers, as well as the class or if the flight we want is roundtrip, one-way or multiple destinations. But also, Kayak allows us to broaden the search by indicating the origin of the flights.

It is perhaps the flight search engine that offers a greater number of filters for the results obtained, price calculator, stopovers, schedules, airlines, alliances, class, stopover airports, preferences, plane and providers. It is one of the classics and we can see the offers, compare, add luggage or not.